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We have lost track of the number of times someone has read one of our stories, and said "I want that!" It is an instinctive recognition of the real thing. The stories are fiction, but the relationships are real. Taken as a whole, the Archive gives you an intimate picture of what our flavor of "safe, sane, consensual" BDSM is all about.

Our earliest stories are not explicitly D/s stories, or BDSM stories. They are simply about women getting spanked, punished, for one reason or another.

We enjoy playing with canes and chains, but what we are is male dominant and female submissive. For us, the play (meaning physical/mental/emotional BDSM interaction) is simply a tool, a means of getting to the desired "head space." For us, the greatest intensity comes from the relationship, from the dynamic of dominance and submission. Our play is aimed at the head rather than the body.

From the beginning, we have both used short and very-short stories to describe and even define our relationships. The stories themselves are a form of play. We believe it is because the stories are a form of play, that they convey such intensity.

     Old Tom and His Pet  
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     Guest Authors  
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Surf On!
Carefully described links and BDSM resources, with a special section on rattan canes and caning technique

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We have joined several web rings - Long Distance D/s Relationship, Chains of Love, SPICE, Femslave, Whispers of Eros, Masters of Submission, Ring of Trust, and Pride of Submission.

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