Earth and Water; or, Caning to Tranquility

by Old Tom, of

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Years ago, I was talking with Alex Martelli, discussing BDSM and peoples' personalities in terms of the Four Elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth. I am not Air or Fire, I stated, but perhaps Earth. Earth, as I saw it, was not easily affected by the other Elements, but rather remained steady, solid.

However, I went on to say at the time, I visualized myself as an earthen dam, with a large reservoir of water hidden behind that dam. My nature is that of Earth, yes, but I felt a vast potential of Water behind that Earth. That reservoir represented vast stored energy. To open the dam was to tap effectively limitless potential in a completely overwhelming manner.

Water, as I saw it, represented the ability to be infinitely accommodating. Water shapes itself to its surrounding environment, or container.

Old Tom

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