The Cane of Curiosity

My curiosity over took me
And I knew I had to ask
Luckily you were happy to oblige
To make the unknown, known to me
To help me ease my fears
The more we talked, the more I knew
I had made the right choice
You led me to a small table
When I bent over it was with
trembling legs and shaky hands
With my bottom on display
I could feel your presence
As you stood behind me
The mix of fear and anticipation
Had never been so strong
I gasped as the cane struck
First on one side then the other
I was totally lost in sensation
I remember your hand on my back
Checking, reassuring, comforting
No strike was unexpected
The swish of air prepared me
For that sting of pain
A sting that came over me twice
Once as the cane landed
And again seconds later
As the pain soaked in
Taking over my whole body
Bringing excitement and pleasure
You took your time
The number of strokes
Was not too many, nor too few
Just enough to know
That I had been pushed
To this place
Where my curiosity
Had been answered
With a defining crack.....

Poetry is vocal painting, as painting is silent poetry.
- Simondes LadieJJ's Poetry Place

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