Fantasies Come True
by babalon


hi sweetie -
we went to a great party last night -

it was at a gay couple's house - leaders of the men's leather community here in the cities. it was a fund raiser for the International Fantasy Weekend and they have a huge awesome house. it's kinda like ours only bigger with an attic dungeon that's outfitted with all sorts of fun stations. because of the fund raiser it was being promoted to the pansexual crowd and we showed up and well, showed 'em how it's done. ;)

Master and i got there about 11 and went straight upstairs to the third floor dungeon (he didn't even stop to get a *beer*), and he cuffed me to the xframe and proceeded to flog and whip me into bliss.

he used the singletail on me till i was near tears. which is pretty rare - i have yet to be brought to tears in a scene, but he was getting awfully close. i was so proud of myself for not calling yellow - i wanted to take it for him. it hurt so bad sometimes, but it was so wonderful at the same time, just to feel his whip cutting into my skin, leaving a trail of fire and sharp white pain. i wanted to feel blood dripping down my legs, i half expected to feel blood from him working on my thighs, but it wasn't quite that far.... although today i have a few seriously nice marks - one a welt around a blood blister that's on my butt, surrounded by a bruise. it's just awesome. i love it.

after he took me down and brought me down, i went off to fetch a beer for him. we watched some other scenes, then he got into a scene with a sweet skinny girl he borrows sometimes, and i went off to do my dm shift. (Ms MN Leather asked me to split her shift with her - DMing the women's only room that they had set up - i did for an hour but they had very few girls using the room. the only time it was actually used was as overflow when the girls got tired of the close quarters up on third.)

Master then took me back upstairs and bent me over a board to paddle me for some, er, errors i had made. once that was out of the way, he put me into one of the slings they had. he attached a tens unit to my crotch, turned it on and proceeded to flog my tits and cunt and ass. i started cumming and didn't quit for about an hour. the whip would land and i would go off again. i half climbed out of that sling more times than i could count.

then he took the 'trodes off and started in on me - he used the back of his hand on my perineum, starting with short hard whacks, then turned his wrist and started punching me with his fist. i was squirming and arching my back to get closer to him, i wanted his hand inside me so bad, but it was so good to feel what he was doing to me - i just wen higher and higher. at one point he stopped and loosened my collar - apparently with all the excitement my neck had swelled (which happens) and my collar was too tight. he was going to stop - but i begged him not too. "see, i'm coherent and talking and everything, pleeeeeze don't stop. please Master." he decided to continue. i was wearing a leather harness, with a two-inch wide double thickness sewed strap across the crotch (just enough to be legal) and i was cumming so much that i soaked thru the leather.

at one point i opened my eyes to see him preparing to strike - judging his blow - the look of intensity on his face and the movement of his body as he hit totally blew me away. just thinking of it now brings me close to orgasm. he was magnificent. intent, completely in charge, powerful, sadistic, beautiful, <moan> oh, my friend, if you could have seen him...

if i hadn't been lying in a sling, i would have fallen to my knees at his feet in worship. he knows just exactly how to use his hands to cause the perfect amount of pain without damage, to strike just the right place to send vibrations through my entire being, and i lose myself in the sensation - growling and moaning and writhing and humping the air, begging for him to do it again, as hard as he wants as fast as he wants. at that point he could do anything he wanted to me and i would beg him to do it if only it pleases him.

once in a while he would come to my side and take my pulse to make sure i wasn't in danger of hurting myself. then he would take my by the hair and i would go off again, just feeling his power wash over me, through me, possessing my body and my will until all i can do is respond to his touch throwing my body and my soul into responding, into dancing in pain and ecstasy for his pleasure. oh Master i adore you i worship you. all thought and fear and critique and judgement and observation and background noise is gone and all that is left is the core, the completely right-here-now me, the animal in heat, completely at his mercy, his pet, his possession, his toy, with no thought for anything, simply a body reacting to his touch, to his masterful touch. does a stradivarius feel this ecstasy in the hands of a Master? does the instrument thrill to the precise touch that brings singing shuddering music from her whole being? i am his instrument, and he is Master, and i sing and dance at his command, at the command of his touch, the command of his voice, the command of his power.


ah, the joy of being Master's slave. but, i must sign off now. duty calls...





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