A View of the Leather Rose
by His pet

Master asked me some time ago to write to a friend of His and explain to them just what the Leather Rose dungeon in Chicago is like. They wanted a physical discription so when they went for the first time, they wouldn't feel quite so new there. If you have ever wondered what the inside of this dungeon looks like, this is it... (this is a description of how the club looked in early 1999)

The Leather Rose is a very plain two story building located in a mixed residential/business neighborhood on the north side of Chicago. There is no big sign or advertisement on the outside. It is a private club, and if you didn't know what was there, you'd never notice it. People don't just wander in off the street out of curiosity. You have to ring a buzzer to get into the building, the door is kept locked. It is a very safe place to go, i feel comfortable there, even when i'm alone. The people who run the Rose are very friendly, and the people who come there are well-behaved and polite.

It is *not* a pick-up place. Most of us who go there go often enough that we know each other, and we watch out for each other. They have a dungeon master working at all times who makes sure that nothing is going on that isn't right.

When you first walk in the door, you are in the Leather Rose store. They sell fetish clothes, and all kinds of toys. There is a second room where they sell books and videos, and have an office. You are greeted when you come in by whoever opened the door for you. The dungeon part is not advertised anywhere. You have to know it is there.

Tell someone who works there that you have come to play in the dungeon to get in. There are two doors in the store, one close to the front door goes down to the basement dungeon, and one towards the back goes into the main dungeon room.

The main room is the length of the building. As you walk in, you see the juice/pop bar. Drinks are free, there is a tip jar there. They do not allow any alcohol in the building. The lighting is dim, but not too dark. There is usually music, it varies widely what kind of music, but it isn't too loud for conversations. On the right as you walk in are a couple of chairs and a couch grouped around a coffee table. There are two doors, one goes outside to the back of the building and is the way you go to get to the annex building. The other door is a bathroom.

To the left, is play space. There are two large X-frame's that you can be tied to.. a couple of spanking benches, several tall benches, an examination table, a network of ropes crisscross the ceiling, and there are a couple of large support poles which you can be tied to. There are a couple of chairs in this area, and a small alcove at the back which has a curved couch and small table. Its a very comfortable space.

At the end of the room is another door, which leads to the upstairs dungeon. The upstairs dungeon is two public rooms, they also have rooms that they rent out as a bed and breakfast type thing upstairs. You walk into a small room at the top of the stairs which has play equipment and a couch, and another room on the left that has an X-frame and some other equipment and a couch. The upstairs is all no smoking.

Back downstairs and out the back door.. cross a tiny courtyard and enter another building. This is a separate dungeon space that they rent out for private parties. There are several tables, X-frames, and other equipment. There are a couple of couches and chairs, and a system of ropes etc in the ceiling. This room is opened to the public when the other rooms are crowded.

Going back into the main building.. back into the store, and down into the basement dungeon. This room is a large open space with couches and more equipment. This is my favorite room, its very comfortable and a good place to talk.

The Rose is a great place! I always feel very safe there. Master and i have had many wonderful adventures there... it's my favorite place to play.

His pet



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