Reindeer Munch
or flogging to infinity
by babalon

over the holidays this year, we went to the Reindeer Munch at Tanith's. we parked the kids at my cousins for the week and flew to SF, to stay with Leona Joy and Toby.

Leona is voluptuous, vivacious, and a wonderfully gracious hostess. Toby is cute, intelligent, and a sweetie. we got to meet Chastity, his newly marked slave (her tattoo is *just* awesome) and we also got to meet another gorgeous lady we'd corresponded wit. unfortunately, we also missed one of the folks who was waiting to meet us Saturday, because we got back from Tanith's too late. bummers. (i'm avoiding naming folks cuz i'm not sure of their mediaslut status.) we scratched Levi's butt a lot (he really *is* the incredible u-shaped dog) and Leona took us on the perv tour, where i spent way too much money... Leona and Toby did a lot to make us feel welcome and i appreciate their time and the use of their beautiful home. (Martha Stewart eat your heart out, Leona's house could put yours to shame.)

Sunday before we left, we got to have breakfast with Verdant and Jay Wiseman. they're really cool people. Verdant is kinda quiet but sez intelligent things when she talks. Jay is more talkative but seems just as knowledgeable in person as on the net. i'm hoping they can make it up here sometime so we can spend more time.

we made all three nights of the Reindeer Munch. the food was exquisite, the wines magnificent. the group varied every night, but there were several people each night who were wonderful to talk with and spend time with. we'd love to have them visit; we were even plotting to kidnap a couple of 'em. (again, i'm not sure of mediaslut status on these folks so i'm leaving names out.) Tanith was quite busy, but we got to chat a bit after folks left and enjoyed it. she'd be welcome here anytime. heck, if she was a sub, we'd move her in tomorrow to take over the cooking.

anyways, after dinner the first night, we went to explore the dungeon. it was a back room with an x-frame and a stocks, as well as a high bed/massage table thing. Master decided to do a scene with me and sent me to fetch the toybag. then he had me strip.

he pulled out his suspension cuffs and attached me to the x-frame. he started with a nylon flogger, which is thuddy and great for warmup. he moved to a short leather flogger and later to a long suede flogger (dubbed the cocktail, due to its wooden phallus handle).

then he pulled out the Masters Hand. this is inspired by the Gor books, and is 5 two-inch leather straps laid one on top of another. it's incredibly thuddy (one unit of thud, per the DKF scale) but stings too. the thing can easily crack ribs if the top isn't careful. he whomped on me with that for a while - then switched back to the cocktail.

i started floating. i told him "i'm starting to float" while i could still talk - i knew i was about to go non-verbal. so here we were, three thousand miles from the kids, at someone else's party where we *weren't* the DMs... he went for it. he used the cocktail to its limit, sending me higher and further while the energy built up. all of a sudden it hit and everything exploded. i clenched the cuffs and tried to climb the x-frame, growling and writhing. he stopped flogging me and hugged me from behind. everything let go and i was completely in his control (i was certainly out of my own control).

it wasn't sexual, in terms of genital orgasm, it was more like the energy all built up and then shot out all my chakras at once, kinda like in highlander, when he beheads another immortal and gets hit with all the energy, except that it wasn't energy coming in, it was exploding outward and upward.

eventually, i slowed down enough for Master to take me down off the frame and sit me on the floor. every so often, another spasm would hit and i would arch back as he held me by the wrists. he held me securely and i knew it was safe to be out of control. i knew he wasn't gonna freak or let go of me, so it was safe for me to let go. god i love that. i started giggling, much to the relief and amusement of the observer(s) who'd been a bit concerned about my reaction. after a bit, he told me it was time to start coming down. i didn't want to but starting pulling myself back a little, as he called me.

about then, Tanith came in with a seriously evil little mindfuck. you take a violet wand, hold the thing that turns you into the conductor, then use a butter knife on someone. it feels like you're being cut to the bone. she did it on Dan'l so he could test it out, and i watched as he stopped himself from attacking "the enemy". (it's not often i see him in killmode.) then, they smiled at me and he told me to lay down. he used the knife on me and i was screaming to the point where they had to gag me. then, he pulled out the wartenburg wheel and used that. if the knife had been sharp, this was like a line of fire walking across my skin.

when he finally stopped, i was actually much more alert than i'd been. it felt like the electrical play had short circuited something in the energy flow, so i was able to think and act coherently. kinda like the wide awake drunk effect of giving coffee to someone who's intoxicated.

we went out and chatted for a bit with folks. one person commented that "you really *do* eep!". sie'd thought it was just an internet thing, and hadn't realized it was pretty well descriptive of the sound i make in scene.

anyways, we left and i navigated home to Leona's (he was driving). we walked in the door and i sat down on the couch. Master went off to the porch to smoke a cigarette and all of a sudden, things hit again. the french doors started breathing. my hands were mutating shape. i could feel my body buzzing and colors started shifting. i was tripping, just off the chemicals my body produced. Master came back in and i sat and held on to him while i tripped. after a while, i was back enough for us to stumble down to the guest room for bed.

i slept well.




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