Scene Report
First time in Japanese Rope Bondage
by His pet.

i went to the Leather Rose dungeon with a few friends Saturday night. i did two scenes there, the second one was something totally new to me and had me really flying. Master has asked me to write a report on what happened.

First tho, before you say, oh she got caned again - how boring <ggg> i did get caned, but that's not what had me flying this time. The first scene was the caning one. It was a little different than usual. i stood on one side of a padded bar and a girlfriend of mine stood on the other side. We hugged each other while her Dom alternately caned us both. He would strike her and then walk around to the other side and strike me. It was interesting in that i could watch him so well when he would hit her, i watched him over her shoulder as he prepared for each strike, and i found myself jumping as he struck her as if i had been struck myself. i watched and knew he was going to do the same thing to me in just a moment. Being able to watch his face up close as he caned her was just amazing. :-)

The second scene was something entirely new to me. i have always had a problem with being tied up. i am working on this because i have always had fantasies about being tied up. i really want to be, but when i let someone tie my hands i panic. i just can't give up total control like that. Anyway, i was introduced to someone who is very much into Japanese rope bondage. He and i talked quite a bit about it and i finally said that i'd try it. Altho i didn't really know him, i was surrounded by my friends and some of them did know him, so i felt pretty safe trying it out. He assured me that i wouldn't be limited in movement at all and that my hands would remain free.

i stood in the middle of the room, wearing nothing but my panties and my collar (something i couldn't imagine doing not that long ago), and he began weaving a web of rope around me. It was wonderful! For nearly 45 minutes he worked on it, i had intricate knots and designs all over me. i felt like i was covered with a beautiful spider web. It was tight, but not painful... i have never felt quite so safe and secure before. i can't really begin to describe the feeling. i was actually drifting into subspace as he worked on me.

When he was finally finished, i had to walk all around the room as people wanted to look at it up close. i felt almost like a piece of art... a well tied up piece of art. i was flying. :-)

Taking it apart was just as good as putting it on. He would pull the rope back through each knot and loop, the rope would drag slowly across my body. i've never experienced anything like this, and i hope to do this again. i'm still smiling just thinking about it. :-)

His pet




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