the vanillas just wouldn't understand...
by babalon


tonight, my Master punched me.

first, he burned me on the inner thigh with his cigarette. then, he punched me right in the cunt. repeatedly.

he made me spread my knees so he could do it again.

i was laying on my back on the hard wood floor as he punched me, in the cunt, on my perineum, on my ass, punching me in the crotch, but mostly directly on my cunt. when i reacted by closing my knees, he dug his elbow into my clit while holding my thighs apart with his hand. then he punched me again. and again. hard.

i was worried about him bruising my pelvis a couple times, cuz he was hitting so hard.

afterward, he sent me off to do my bedtime chores - putting away perishables and setting up coffee for the morning.

mind you, he had to wait until after i came down from cumming <grin>, and clean up the puddle i had made from squirting repeatedly. <big grin> and fetch him a new tshirt to wear cuz i had soaked the one he was wearing and his glasses and his pants... <really big grin>




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