Corner Talk

By Stranger


"And what does that make you?" I asked, twisting her nipples and rubbing the bulge in my pants against the back of her shiny black panties.

"A bad, wicked girl," she answered, her wrists hooked over the top hinge of the closed door as she faced the corner, breathing heavily and pushing back against me as my throbbing cock rubbed into the crack of her ass.

"That's right. A bad, wicked girl," I said, sliding my hands down over her belly and past the waistband of her high-cut panties, spreading my fingers and pulling back on her hips as I did. "And what happens to bad, wicked girls who don't behave?" I asked.

She took in a quick breath and hesitated before answering.

"Well?" I whispered into her ear as I leaned forward, pressing her into the corner.

"They get spanked," she answered in a quiet voice.

"That's right. They get spanked. And where exactly do these bad, wicked girls get spanked?" I asked, running my fingers down along the elastic bands which encircled her legs.

"On their bare bottoms," she whispered.

"Where?" I asked again.

"They get s-spanked on their bare bottoms," she stammered, her chest rising and falling with shallow breaths.

"That's exactly right. They get spanked on their bare bottoms. And if I were to have to spank one of these naughty bad girls on her bare bottom, where would she be at the time?" I asked, pulling my hands upward and gently rubbing them over her fleshy mound.

"She'd be over your knee," she whispered as I forced her hips forward and deeply massaged her mons with the tips of my fingers.

"That's right. Over my knee. And how would I spank this naughty, wicked girl who was over my knee?" I asked, lightly stroking her clitoris through the soft satin panties.

"With your hand," she answered, breathing a little faster than before.

"Correct. I'd spank her on her bare bottom with my hand," I said, sliding my fingers down along her slit. "And would it be a hard spanking?" I asked, feeling her wetness as I reached further down.

"Oh, yes! A very hard spanking!" she gasped as she moved her feet slightly apart, allowing my fingers to continue to travel downward between her legs.

"That's right, honey. She'd get a very hard spanking on her bare bottom," I said, pressing the material up into her pussy with one hand and still stroking her clit with the other. "And after she got her very hard spanking and her bottom was burning and red, what else would happen to her?" I asked.

"She'd get fucked," she answered between panting breaths.

"That's exactly right. Fucked. And where would she get fucked?" I asked as I ground my pelvis into her.

She hesitated.

"Where would I have to fuck this bad, naughty girl I just had to spank until she cried? Answer me."

"In her ass," she whispered.

"That's right, honey... And you've been a very bad girl."

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