The Good Girl Spanking

my Master spanked me yesterday. This wasn't a punishment; we weren't looking for the limits of my pain. He spanked me because he wanted to, to give me pleasure, because it pleased Him to do so. A "good girl" spanking, my favorite kind.

He sat in the middle of the bed, leaning against the headboard, pillows behind His back. i always know it's going to be a very long spanking when He makes Himself this comfortable. He told me first to pull down my panties, then motioned for me to lay across His lap.

He rubbed my bottom very slowly and talked of things we'd done that day. He raised His hand and let it fall, hard, but not too hard, just enough for it to sting. More rubbing, then another slap, and then rubbing that slap away. He put one hand on my back and gently held me still while He continued.

His hand hit lower on my bottom each time, till finally He was spanking only that special spot that sends those shivers through me. It wasn't a stinging slap now, but more of a thud that echoed all through my body. And always the rubbing between each spank.

His hand moved from my back and slid under me to find a hard nipple to squeeze and hurt. i wiggled all around on His lap, partially on purpose, mostly because i had lost control of what my body was doing. As usual, He was the one in control.

The pain from his fingers squeezing my nipple became a burning ache in my pussy that grew more and more intense with each slap to my bottom. He told me what a good girl i am, and how much that pleases Him. He gave me permission to cum, and i did.

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