Holding Position

by Old Tom, of old-tom.com

First, we're assuming the scene is severe enough, that holding position is a real issue. We're not just playing tippy-tap. This *might* include full-armed swings with some implement - so let me first address the safety issue.

What if you move at just the wrong time? Is a full-armed stroke with a hairbrush on the back of your hand a good thing? Hands are delicate - anything wooden which was intended for your bottom but hitting your hand... could cause quite serious and possibly permanent damage.

In the case of a hand spanking, reaching back at the wrong time could mean accidentally bending your finger the wrong way. Again, this is unintended injury. If there is a missed stroke during a full-horsepower caning... well... even with Halloween and horror movie season approaching, we don't want to go there.

There does seem to be common agreement that safety issues are serious, and non-negotiable. If the session in question is severe enough that holding position *is* a problem - in my opinion, that problem must be solved. Because, it *is* a safety issue.

Getting her hands in the way is, of course, the most serious - because hands are so easily damaged. There are various solutions... one is to restrain them out of the way; another is to see to it that the consequences are so catastrophic that it won't happen ever again. No way, nuh unh. Because, it is a safety issue. I *must* be able to trust that she'll keep her hands out of the way. (Remember, we are presuming a *consensual* relationship.)

But... what about holding position, in general?

Here's where I need to repeat my disclaimer. My philosophy which follows is probably less appropriate for a DD relationship, or when bratting is receiving its just due. We are *not* talking about holding her down and warming her bottom until she gets it together. That's a valid approach, of course, but *not* what I'm addressing here.

What I'm addressing here is the issue of submission.

That is, I'm talking about when the context of the scene has to do with submission (or perceived lack thereof). When I approach such a scene, it's all about putting her head where it needs to be - and that means placing her in a submissive headspace.

In this context, she eventually comes to look on being tied down for punishment as a *privilege*. She has the *privilege* of struggling all she wants, without having to hold position no matter what. That may sound "out there" and it is... it's a *later* result. First, how do we get there?

First, we are *not* talking about holding her down and warming her bottom until she gets it together. On the contrary, she'll be cooperating. If she cannot choose to accept her punishment, we'll wait until she can. (There may, of course, be other sanctions imposed in the meantime, such as impounding her keyboard.) Remember that the relationship is consensual, and required submission is what she *wants*.

Anyway, here's my approach. Let's assume the punishment is six strokes of the whatever, and she *knows* she cannot hold still for that.

**You will bend over the back of the chair, placing your hands on the seat. You will inform me when you are ready to begin. You will hold position until the six strokes are complete. You will hold position until I release you at the end of the six strokes.

**You may break position at any time, if you decide you must. However, if you do, we will still complete the six strokes, and *then* we will start over from the beginning.

I have always been confident that even if a woman breaks position again the second time through, she *will* choose to hold position for the third time through.

The funny thing is... in my personal experience, when she *knows* this is the case, she chooses to hold position the first time through.

And to me, that's what it's about. The whole point of the exercise is for her to *choose* to hold position no matter what. To choose to submit to whatever he chooses to give her.

At playparties and such, when things are far less serious than what's being described above, I use Loopy Johnny for hand training. (You can see a picture of it at http://www.aswgt.com/loopy.html)

The Loopy Johnny is all sting no thud; it's three loops of rubber on a handle. Since the rubber is soft and flexible (but O so sting-y!), it's very unlikely to damage anything. So, use the Loopy Johnny on her clothed back side, and when she reaches back with her hand, give her fingers a good nip with the Loopy. My do her eyes get big!!! With one single nip of the fingers, she's cured of such silliness. :-)))))

So long as the safety issue is understood, it can most certainly be solved in a number of ways. Different ways work for different people.

I agree that the "holding position" issue will be different for different people - it depends on the dynamic. If to struggle and cry is an accepted part of the situation, I agree that it's quite appropriate for him to hold your hand out of the way.

On the other hand, if "training to stay in position" is part of the dynamic, a different approach is appropriate. I described one such possibility above.