The Miscellaneous Collection

The rest of the stories, arranged by train of thought.


Position - Kinda fun, actually.

The Story Pattern - How he finds his stories to write.  Several have tried the
          assignment described here, with surprising results.

Cornered - One response to The Story Pattern.

Lines - A punishment assignment.

Black Gloves, Blood, and Leather - Documenting the offer of a BDSM scene,
            though one that has yet to happen. Many do not like the severity, or the
            attitudes, portrayed in this story.

What the Old Saw - His only poem. Perhaps not poetry, but it does rhyme.

Scale of Ten - A sample of BDSM play from a distance.

Khalid, the Coppersmith of Nasiriya - An adapted folk tale.

The Girl Called Laughter - Another adapted folk tale.

Teasing - Having a bit of fun

SERE - A remembrance of a college course providing a BDSM background.

Essay on the use of Sir - Instructions to she who was his submissive at the time.

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