Stories by His Pet

Some stories she first published under a different pen name (Jojasa).

  1. Games - an adventure with an antique hair brush
  2. A Fantasy for Mr Keys - nice little domestic story about spanking and sex
  3. Waiting - getting very hot waiting for her Dom to arrive
  4. Caned - very first experience of being caned
  5. From My Window - erotic story of exhibitionism and spanking
  6. Good Baby - first time real punishment spanking
  7. Confession - confessing about something she did wrong and being punished for it
  8. Bridges - moving on after ending a relationship
  9. Memory Lesson - short story about forgetting and the consequence
  10. The Corner - short story about what happens to naughty girls in corners
  11. Conversation - discussion about what's going to happen to her when he gets home
  12. The Naughty Girl Game - a naughty girl spanking, the best kind
  13. The Caning - she describes her latest caning
  14. Something Completely Different...- a brat finds *interesting* things to do while hiding under her boss's desk
  15. Snow - erotic story about snowballs, and spanking, and sex
  16. Perfection - short story about getting ready for a spanking
  17. I Want a Spanking - getting a spanking for no reason at all
  18. Marks - playing with whips

When you need it to hurt enough