Personality Modification:
Technique #2, Pavlovian Key conditioning

By Midnight Writer


This technique is a bit more subtle in use than the self-programming with affirmations technique I spoke of earlier; it can be used without the subject's awareness. One should be very careful about what one programs with this, and what one uses for a trigger; consider carefully what will happen if the trigger is used unexpectedly, and the ethics of programming another person for what you're programming for, and what will happen if the trigger becomes unavailable. Go back and read the more extensive warnings in the previous article, please.

That said, I used this on Babalon without her awareness, though I carefully worded our meta-negotiation so that she'd consented to it. Without her informed consent, I was careful to program for a fail-safe - if anything goes wrong, the programming is useless, but doesn't diminish her quality of life.

I did this without being clear about my goals mostly because I'd never done this with a human subject before, and wasn't certain that I could. I wanted the "best chance", which meant that I didn't want her thinking that this would be impossible. Theoretically, it'll work on a subject that disbelieves it, but at the time, I had no experience of that. Hell, by theory, it'll work on someone who is aware and adamantly opposed to it; it'll just take longer.

When I started with Babalon, she was fairly typical, orgasmically - she orgasmed from intercourse if there was enough other stimulation, and would have two or three orgasms in a good bout of lovemaking, but didn't always cum, and one orgasm was pretty typical. This training has altered her "uncommanded" sexual response - first, she began ejaculating with orgasm, then she began orgasming from intercourse without other stimulation, and her "typical" orgasm count went up a wee bit.

In the literature, this technique has been used to achieve amazing results - the one that originally caught my eye was to bring sexual response and orgasm to people who had lost all feeling in the usual erogenous zones.

(Enough with being pedantic, Dan - just get on with the technique, willya?)

To program a particluar response to a particular stimulus, first you must have an awareness of the response, if not control over it. As I was often uncertain of just when Babalon was orgasming, I ordered her to tell me verbally when she was about to cum. Stealing a technique from self-programming, I had her use the phrase "I'm going to cum for you, Master". When she'd cue me that orgasm was imminent, I'd give her the new trigger - "Cum for me".

Now, it's important throughout the whole thing to be consistent - but especially in the beginning, so that the subject subconciously makes a connection between the new trigger and the response. This cannot be overstressed, so I won't try.

Anyway, after some time, I started giving her the trigger phrase when she was very excited, but not yet reporting that orgasm was imininent - that little bit extra of conditioning, it'd put her over the edge, and she'd orgasm - surprising her, at first. I wouldn't always give the trigger early, but she'd still hear "cum for me" every time she orgasmed with me.

This all took place pretty gradually - we were only seeing each other a few times a week when it began, so that first phase, implanting the trigger without any modification with the trigger, took some months. I spent another several months using the trigger in a subtle way with minor results - overall, it was over a year before I began the concious programming.

We were at a party, and sexual energy was running high, and Babalon was already pretty cranked when I stopped her in the kitchen, and told her that she was going to orgasm on the count of 5. It probably wouldn't have worked if she'd had any warning that this was coming, or if she'd been less excited already - but the surprise of it kept her from thinking that it'd be impossible, the steady countdown from 5 gave her subconcious time to go from "excited" to "ready", and she did orgasm when I gave her the key phrase after the countdown.

It surprised the hell out of her, reassured me that I hadn't been overhasty in the conditioning, and amazed the spectators.

In the years since, we've reinforced the key repeatedly, done away with any countdown, and expanded it a bit - if I forbid her to orgasm, she can't (which I must confess is a side benefit - I never worked specifically on that control over her orgasm, I just worked on having control over her orgasms in general.)

To use another example of how this training works, if I were going to train a male sub's orgasmic response, I'd work first on multiple orgasm. A few weeks of affirmation self-programming to instill the concept that orgasm is not necessarily tied to ejaculation would be a good start, followed by "exercises" in which we'd work on regaining erection soon after ejaculation. Once he became accustomed to being able to get it up fairly reliably after he ejaculated, the lifelong conditioning of "I've cum, so I'm all done" has been overwritten.

Once he can reach excitement, it's time to work on the goal of orgasm. There are books written on kareeza, the multi-orgasmic methods for males - so I won't duplicate that effort here. I'll just say that it'll work much better with a loving, involved dominant coaching him along, reinforcing the "enjoy this for me" mindset. Once the second orgasm can be reached reliably with key commands, using that key on the first orgasm should bring startling results.

As another example of a key, one could make a habit of stroking his right earlobe as he begins to erect. To avoid confusing the issue, stroking the earlobe when he's not erecting should be avoided. Once the "I'm getting erect, so my earlobe is being stroked" connection is made in the mind, it's fairly easy to switch it to "My earlobe is being stroked, so I'm getting erect". Verbal encouragement throughout ("I want you hard now" would be a good key phrase) is, of course, recommended.

Once a key is established for a response, it's fairly quick and easy to transfer it to another key. If you can make hir erect/wet with a voice command, giving that voice command every time you flog their back for a dozen repetitions or so will have them erecting/lubricating when flogged, even without the voice command.

This technique is certainly not restricted to erotic or orgasmic response; any involuntary physical reaction can be reprogrammed with these methods. The most important key is consistency - as much as possible, try to give the key every time that the response is achieved "normally", and the key will become associated subconciously with the response much easier. Sporadic training isn't going to be very impressive in results.

Another note on safety factors and keys: We've all heard that Pavlov used a bell with his famous dogs, and there's something intriguing about one's submissive having an orgasm whenever you ring a bell - but keep in mind that bells are fairly common, and imagine the results if said sub is driving in heavy traffic when the sound of a bell comes in on the radio. Not a good idea. I could train Babalon to orgasm every time she smelled a rose - but she'd never be able to visit a rose garden again, much less plant a rosebush in the garden she works in. Keep this in mind as you choose a key - it should be something that they're not going to trip over accidentally.

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