Self-directed Caning

That Sunday evening, by time Nali had been caned, and Seri, and LadyHeart with LadieJJ, and one or two others, Jojasa was ready. This was a bit trickier than it might seem, however.

You see, Jojasa had been in bed sick all day. She was coming down with some form of flu, and indeed had been sleeping all day. Jojasa is not one to miss her own party - not even one single minute of it. The canes were still out, the audience was present, and Jojasa was ready.

At this level, the headspace must be right, for the scene to work. Otherwise, the first stroke can - and should - be the last. The cane, as I said before, is an expression of our relationship. It gives her a venue for expressing her submission. It forces her to feel her submission. Jojasa has very deep potential... more than once has she giggled her way through a heavy scene. She understands the process.

To be sure, each stroke has a bite. At that, she does not laugh. But once the stroke's line of fire builds, crests, and fades, the giggles can return. In this way I know her head is in a good place.

But what about today? What can I do, without knocking her out of the necessary headspace. When you're not feeling good, everything is different. But there she was, ready to try.

I was very gentle (by her standards). She soon admitted that I could maybe go a little bit harder. Yes, I could do that. Soon she turned around, and noted that she didn't have any marks on the fronts of her legs, like other people had. She does now... and indeed, a week later, she still does.

The poor girl had no way around it. She had to point here and there, showing me what she could tolerate at that point in time. But, there was no way she was going home without collecting her marks. This was a first for Jojasa; after all these years, it was her first self-directed caning.

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