Special Party Edition

As I explained in the introduction, something special happened at Jojasa's November 2001 party. Something has been developing over a number of years, and suddenly came to fruition. What happened, was Subspace.

Three and a half years ago, in April 2001, Jojasa invited me to her annual (which then became semiannual because we all had so much fun) IRC channel party. It was really more of a family reunion - we had all known each other online for years. The IRC channel is a spanking channel, but individual interests range to quite a variety of related topics.

At that party years ago, I learned that Jojasa loved the cane. I had no idea what that might mean; I had never even seen one until that party. One lady there took an entire afternoon teaching me to use a cane well. At the dungeon that evening, I was ready, borrowed cane in hand. But... Jojasa had disappeared. I later found out that she had spent an hour and a half with Davo's bullwhip, in a room I didn't even know existed.

Still, that day, I did use strap and cane for the first time. That set things in motion.

Jojasa loved the cane... and I still did not know what that meant. It forced her to feel... but I didn't yet know that either. It sent her into Subspace... whatever that was.

I had learned to use a cane well... but by Jojasa's standard, my ability in that area was just barely short of pathetic. She did not say that, of course. She merely continued to insist that I see her caned by Jeff. I saw, and understood.

In this way, years ago, Jojasa set something in motion.

I gained a skill so as to please Jojasa. She taught me about Subspace. Soon the cane came to be the symbol of our relationship, in addition to her collar. I had developed a skill that very few others could even approach... and that skill had been developed to please her.

Jojasa, I am afraid, is something of an exhibitionist. She enjoys playing in front of other people. Few things in the world of S/M are more fearsome than the Victorian cane stroke... but when it's a really good one, Jojasa giggles. She's as sadistic as I am; we both enjoy scaring our audiences. When I play with someone else, Jojasa watches and makes diabolical suggestions. ("What nice welts... why not put clothespins on them?")

This, then, is our world of play. Why in the world would anyone else want to partake of something at that level? Yet they watch and watch, and see our relationship, and see the results... and they wonder.

Two or three parties ago (they're every six months), LadieJJ came to me quietly and said she was curious about the cane, but certainly didn't want it like that. Two parties ago, LadieJJ and I pushed it a bit more. And sure enough, someone else walked up quietly, to say she was curious about the cane, but was sure she could not handle anything like LadieJJ. LadieJJ giggled to hear her own words coming from someone else's mouth a year later.

It is this process which has been building for years. For year after year, people have watched and watched, and listened, and talked. They have developed a trust in my expertise over time, by watching me in scene after scene after scene. Using a cane at that level, mistakes are not acceptable. There have been no mistakes. Therefore, she can trust me to handle the scene with her, safely.

Last weekend someone jokingly said that I should sell tickets. I said No Way; I had something far better than that. Each time I play for an audience, someone comes up and says they're curious, but sure they couldn't handle something like that. Nor can they... yet. "Step into my parlor, said the Spider to the Fly."

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