It was a year ago today, that my interest crossed over to real life. She chose to become his, and I later found the one to become mine. She called today; we retain a deep friendship. We don't play with each other at all, not even in teasing. To play would mean too little... or too much. Rather, we keep track of each others' lives, watching with friendship, and mutual respect.

A year ago today, I hoped to find out if spanking a woman would be as fun as I expected. It was. The play was so silly, yet so important. I did not yet understand.

A few weeks later, it came together. It was not the spanking which was so important, but her submission. I had seen the real thing, and became forever changed.

Seven months later, I met the one to become my own. Her potential was carefully hidden... but I was watching, and found it. Time and again I have taken the role of The Awakener... but this time, I think, her potential is mine to keep.

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